Monthly Archives: February 2019

Taking the Flack

Flack, a new TV drama set in a London PR consultancy, debuted last week on the digital channel W. As a PR professional I somehow felt compelled to watch it. To say that Flack has had mixed reviews would be putting it mildly, with one critic describing it as one of the worst TV shows […]

Calling Time on Question Time

The BBC seems to be constantly reviewing the political programming which it broadcasts. Only last week they announced that This Week will end at the conclusion of the current series. And yet Question Time seems to be safe from the axe, despite a series of blunders and controversies. Question Time began way back in 1979 […]

Mixed Signals on Local Papers

The Cairncross Review into the future of the UK news industry was published this morning. While I haven’t yet had the opportunity to look at it in detail (it runs to 157 pages!), there are some interesting recommendations, including greater regulation of social media platforms and the creation of an Institute for Public Interest News. […]

What we watch…and how

At the end of last month Ofcom published their annual Communications Market Report for 2018. It covers the latest trends in the communications fields regulated by Ofcom, namely telecoms, TV, radio and post. The annual revenue generated by these services is a staggering £54.7bn, with telecoms not surprisingly accounting for 65 per cent of that […]