Monthly Archives: September 2017

Poor coverage of women’s sport

Players and administrators in women’s sport regularly complain that they are underfunded when compared to their male counterparts. Their argument is that the poor media coverage of their sport leads to fewer sponsorship and other commercial sources of income being available to them. Recent events at my local rugby club would seem to suggest that […]

Bloody Scotland

At the weekend Eileen and I went to Stirling for the crime writing festival Bloody Scotland. The festival, which has been running for six years now, looks at all aspects of crime fiction but has a strong emphasis on “Tartan Noir”. My own personal interest in crime fiction began in the late 1970’s when I […]

It seems that “We Don’t Do God”

A couple of news stories earlier this week caught my attention. Firstly there was a report from the British Social Attitudes Survey which said that atheists now outnumber believers in the UK. According to the survey, just 47 per cent of people claim to have a faith. Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair’s press secretary, famously said […]