Monthly Archives: October 2016

An Own Goal?

It’s not often that the words “controversy” and Gary Lineker appear in the same sentence. In fact the former England striker turned TV presenter has always had a reputation for being rather bland and, let’s be honest here, a bit boring. Not anymore it would seem. Last week The Sun called for Lineker to be […]

Why Don’t Men Read More?

I was interested to read a column in the trade press last week by David Hepworth, the former Whistle Test presenter who is now better known as an author and publisher. Hepworth was complaining that most men in the UK only read one book per year, usually a thriller or a sports biography which they […]

Make a Date

What did you do to mark International Talk Like a Pirate Day last month?  If your answer is “nothing” then it may be that you missed an opportunity to promote your organisation or to engage in some fun team building activities. Some organisations had their staff dressed as pirates for the day while others boosted […]