Monthly Archives: October 2018

Bland and Boring

I was a bit depressed to read a survey earlier this week which had asked people to list their favourite books, films and music of the last 20 years. The results were boringly predictable. Of the top ten music albums chosen, Ed Sheeran’s X was the favourite, with three Adele albums in the list. What […]

How Not To Do It

Over the last week a PR related video clip has gone viral online. It showed the boss of house builders Persimmon walking out of a BBC interview when asked about his multi-million pound bonus. It was a self-inflicted wound which could have been easily avoided. Jeff Fairburn, Chief Executive of Persimmon, was recording an interview […]

Worrying Times for Newspapers

You may well have noticed the news last week that one of the UK’s main newspaper groups, Johnston Press is looking for a buyer. The company currently publishes over 200 local, regional and national newspapers, including the ”i”, The Scotsman, The Belfast News Letter and The Yorkshire Post. Trade press stories say that Johnston Press […]

What’s in a Name

I was interested in the story earlier this week about a caravan park in Ayrshire that has decided on a name change. The reason is that the Turnberry Holiday Park feels that it is suffering from the fact that it is associated in the public eye with the nearby Trump Turnberry golf resort. It would […]

Only Here for the Beer

I’m sure that I’m not alone in finding the current news cycle a bit tedious. I know that Brexit is important, but all the endless comment and speculation around it is more than a little soporific. But a day or two ago I came across the perfect news story. A story that involves three of […]