Monthly Archives: January 2015

Can City TV survive?

I wasn’t too surprised to read this week that London Live, the city TV station for the capital, is in trouble and plans to get rid of one in three employees. Local TV was introduced to the UK by Jeremy Hunt, the coalition government’s first Culture Secretary. The idea was to give each urban area […]

Communication is better than legislation

I was driving along a local street the other day when I noticed traffic signs stating that the speed limit had been reduced to 20mph. My immediate reaction was to wonder why. After all, we are not talking about a rat run, rather a busy suburban street where the traffic normally crawls along at a […]

Make a Date

I can’t have escaped your notice that 2015 is a year which will see us marking a number of significant anniversaries. The Battle of Waterloo (200 years), the death of Winston Churchill (50 years), the signing of the Magna Carta (800 years), the Battle of Agincourt (600 years) and VE Day (70 years) are just […]