Monthly Archives: September 2018

Dramatic Tension

It’s autumn and suddenly our TV schedules are filled with well written and intelligent dramas. A welcome change after the TV drought over the summer months. Like many people, I’m addicted to Jed Mercurio’s Bodyguard and I await Sunday’s final episode with bated breath. I’m also enjoying Hugo Blick’s Black Earth Rising. As you would […]

Sober Up and Wise Up

A couple of political stories in the last few days have caught my attention. Firstly there was the report that an academic is calling for MPs to be breathalysed before they are allowed to vote in the House of Commons. Professor David Nutt, a former advisor to the Government on drugs policy, fears that the […]

Sunday Herald RIP

Last weekend saw the final edition of the Sunday Herald, the Glasgow based quality paper. On the face of it the closure of the Sunday Herald looks like just another example of a newspaper ceasing to print due to the market forces which are closing publications across the country. But on this occasion, it’s not […]