Monthly Archives: June 2017

Sport needs to think again about TV contracts

Have you been watching the Lions tour of New Zealand on TV?  No, me neither. Nor have I been watching test cricket or football’s European under 21 finals. I will not be watching the Open Golf next month, although I will be glued to the screen for Wimbledon which begins next week. Of course, Wimbledon […]

Killed for Being Poor

The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower last week tells us a great deal about Britain today. Also, the way in which Kensington & Chelsea Council handled their PR in the hours and days after the tragedy is a classic example of how not to do things. The residents of Grenfell Tower reflected the cosmopolitan nature […]

General Election Post Mortem

Well, that was fun…wasn’t it? It seems to me that the UK has just had a General Election in which everybody lost. In the days leading up to the poll last week I was reading Unleashing Demons by Craig Oliver, who was David Cameron’s head of communications in the lead up to last year’s Brexit […]