Monthly Archives: July 2016

Do the Olympics have any credibility left?

What is the worst job you could possibly have in PR?  If you had asked me that question 12 months ago I would have probably have said that being Head of Communications for FIFA would have been a strong contender. The governing body for world football hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons when […]

Summertime Blues

Parliament is now in recess, the schools are on holiday and the sun is clearly visible in the sky, it can only mean one thing for the UK’s media; we are now officially in the silly season.  For the next couple of months there is likely to be little in the way of serious news […]

By the Seaside

I was interested to read this week that hoteliers are calling for the Government to appoint a Seaside Tsar to help put some life back into the UK’s seaside holiday resorts. I became familiar with many of these towns in the 1970s when my parents took me on our annual holiday for a fortnight to […]

A revival for newspapers?

In recent years we’ve all been told by the so called industry experts that newspapers were on their last legs and would soon be consigned to the wastepaper bin of history. However it now seems that reports of the death of the newspaper may have been exaggerated. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about […]

Interesting Times

Harold Wilson famously said that a week is a long time in politics. The events of the last seven days have proved him right as the political landscape of the UK seems to be changing. That the UK is poised to leave the European Union has almost become lost among everything else that has happened. […]