Monthly Archives: July 2015

How political is Government Communications?

The UK Government’s Communications Service (GCS) published its 2015/16 communications plan  last week. At 55 pages it takes a bit of time to read through it, but if you have an interest in public sector communications you’ll find it worth your while. The plan outlines the four key themes which will underpin Government communications for […]

Off the Hook

How much can an artistic work such as a book, a play or a satire change the way in which we think, or for that matter vote? The thought occurred to me last week after a visit to Liverpool’s Everyman Theatre to see a rare production of Arthur Miller’s play The Hook. Partly intended as […]

Take Care Online

There are a number of advantages to social media. It gives readers access to a wide range of news and opinions. It also gives someone like me the opportunity to express my opinions on blogs such as this. But this doesn’t mean that I can say what I like. Last month I helped put together […]

Telegraph Troubles

The Daily.Telegraph, one of our most venerable newspapers, is having a really difficult year. Like most national papers, it has to cope with falling paper sales and a drop in advertising revenues. But that’s not all the Telegraph has to worry about. In February Peter Oborne, their chief political commentator, resigned because he felt that […]

The Echo rings the changes

There is a joke on Merseyside which says that if you dial 999 the operator will say “Emergency, Which service do you require, Police, Ambulance, Echo news desk?” Like most good jokes, it has a basis is reality. If you flick through the Liverpool Echo, you can’t help but be struck by the fact that […]