Monthly Archives: April 2015

Does The Sun still shine?

Many media and political commentators are trying to figure out the thinking behind The Sun’s decision today to back two horses in the General Election race. In England The Sun is telling readers to vote Tory, while the Scottish edition of the paper is backing the SNP. On the face of it this seems a […]

Songs of Praise

I was very interested in an article in the current issue of PR Week on how religious organisations handle their communications in an increasingly secular society. One of the facts to emerge from the piece was that none of the national newspapers has a dedicated religious affairs reporter. Even the Daily Telegraph, often regarded as […]


One of the worrying features of the media coverage of the General Election campaign is the emergence of jockophobia. The prospect of the Scottish National Party playing kingmaker at Westminster after 7 May seems to have caused an outbreak of mass hysteria, most noticeably in the opinion columns of the Daily Mail and the Daily […]

What a Whopper!

In these days of serious and often gloomy news stories, the public, and indeed the media, are often looking for some light relief. Any press officer who can come up with a quirky human interest story is pretty much guaranteed coverage. So the PR team at a certain US fast food chain must have thought […]