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Local Elections. Who Cares?

With all the media coverage about the European Elections at the end of May, it might well have escaped your notice that there will be local council elections across England next Thursday (2 May). Persuading the electorate to put aside their apathy and vote in local elections has always been a difficult task, with turnout […]

More Bad News for Newspapers

For those of us who care about the future of newspapers in print there was distressing news this week when JPI Media announced the loss of 70 editorial jobs across their network of regional papers. As you may recall, JPI Media took ownership of the newspaper group last year after Johnston Press went into administration. […]

A Touch of Class

The CIPR’s annual State of the Profession report was published last week. As you may have read in the trade press, the headline finding was that Public Relations is a profession dominated by privately educated white people. Who would have thought! Twenty years or so ago I worked briefly in a PR consultancy in central […]

The Joys of Public Sector PR

I had a quiet little laugh last week when I read a blog post by Dan Slee of comms2point0 with the headline “you know you work in public sector comms when…”. The article is tongue in cheek and very amusing. However, much of it rang true and seemed all too familiar to me. I’ve spent […]

Spice Up Your Profile

I wonder if I was alone in feeling a sense of déjà vu when I read a few days ago that Scary Spice had ”confessed” to Piers Morgan in a TV interview that she had enjoyed a lesbian romp with Ginger Spice. Episode two of Flack, the hilariously awful series about a celebrity PR firm currently […]

What If?

I’ve enjoyed reading a number of excellent novels which speculate on how the world would be if certain historical events had turned out differently. For example, Fatherland by Robert Harris and Len Deighton’s SSGB are both set in a post war Europe which is under Nazi control while Guns of the South by Harry Turtledove […]

Print the Legend

There have been a number of films and TV dramas recently which have drawn criticism for playing fast and loose with historical accuracy. For example, Mary Queen of Scots contains a scene in which Elizabeth and Mary have a face to face meeting despite the fact that the two Queens never met in real life. […]