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Killed for Being Poor

The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower last week tells us a great deal about Britain today. Also, the way in which Kensington & Chelsea Council handled their PR in the hours and days after the tragedy is a classic example of how not to do things. The residents of Grenfell Tower reflected the cosmopolitan nature […]

General Election Post Mortem

Well, that was fun…wasn’t it? It seems to me that the UK has just had a General Election in which everybody lost. In the days leading up to the poll last week I was reading Unleashing Demons by Craig Oliver, who was David Cameron’s head of communications in the lead up to last year’s Brexit […]

If you can’t say anything nice….

There are still four weeks to go in the General Election campaign, but even at this relatively early stage I’m surprised at how really nasty some of the comments have been in the right wing media. Even before the election had been called, the Daily Telegraph’s Allison Pearson wrote a column demanding the beheading of […]

Ferraris and Mugwumps

Without doubt the biggest media story of this week has been Diane Abbott’s horrendous car crash interview with Nick Ferrari on LBC Radio. Abbott, who will be Home Secretary in the (let’s face it, rather unlikely) event of a Labour victory on 8 June, got herself in an awful muddle trying to answer a relatively […]

Has Football got a Problem? You Bet!

Once again this has not been a good week for football. No less than four stories have hit the front pages this week, all highlighting the seedier side of the not so beautiful game. The HMRC investigation into alleged tax fraud resulted in dawn raids at Newcastle United and at West Ham United, as well […]

Don’t become the story…

I concluded my last post before the Easter break by expressing the hope that some kind person would tell Sean Spicer not to regard The Thick of It as a training video. Sadly for him, the message doesn’t seem to have got through. Trump’s press secretary hit the headlines worldwide when he justified the US […]

Homeland Hits Home

For me, one of the few “must see” shows on TV at the moment is series six of Homeland, currently running on Sunday evenings on Channel Four. I find the parallels with real life fascinating. For those of you who don’t watch it, the main storyline involves a newly elected (female) US President who comes […]