Monthly Archives: February 2015

This is the Night Mail…

Last week I visited the newly refurbished Central Library in Manchester where one of the main attractions is the BFI Mediatheque. This allows you to sit in front of a terminal and browse through a huge catalogue of historic British films and classic TV programmes; addictive for all of us media junkies! I spent half […]

EU supporters need to accentuate the positive

Earlier this week Channel Four screened UKIP – The first 100 days, a mockumentary looking at what might possibly happen in the (somewhat unlikely) event of Nigel Farage  becoming Prime Minister in May. Not surprisingly, it generated a lot of controversy, although I suspect that many of the complaints will have come from UKIP members. […]

We need to save our local newspapers

A few days ago Trinity Mirror announced the latest round of local newspaper closures. Sadly one of them is my own local paper, the weekly Crosby Herald. It has a paid for circulation of around 3,500 and will be greatly missed in the local community. It is interesting to note that, while many people in […]

Let’s rediscover our sense of humour

I was really pleased to see the return of Rory Bremner to our TV screens this week. With the longest ever General Election campaign now well underway (keep calm, only three months to go!), a healthy dose of satire is very much welcome. Back in the 1980s broadcasters seemed happy to provide us with plenty […]