At a time where the need for biting satire has never been greater, I find it rather surprising that there is hardly any topical satirical humour on our TV screens during this current election campaign. Let’s face it; it is not that there is any shortage of material for satirists. It hasn’t always been like […]

Watching the TV coverage of the election has left me in no doubt as to just how big an issue trust has become. On the head to head ITV debate last week the audience burst into spontaneous laughter when Boris Johnston said that truth matters. This was followed a few days later by a similar […]

I was very interested to see that one of the new programmes being launched on the BBC Scotland channel is about books.  The Big Scottish Book Club is hosted by author Damian Barr and features interviews with a wide range of writers. I am pleased to see a show about books back on our screens, […]

Last month I went along to the AGM of CIPR Scotland and was fascinated by the presentation made by Ofcom Scotland on their latest Media Nations report. Essentially the report looks at the media diet of Scotland by analysing what we read, listen to and watch. In particular I was very interested in the section […]

In the 1980s Margaret Thatcher targeted Essex Man as the type of voter who would keep her in 10 Downing Street. In the 1990s Tony Blair described the typical New Labour voter as Mondeo Man. Now it would seem that Boris Johnson is pinning his electoral hopes on winning the support of Workington Man. Of […]

So there we are then, after all the seemingly endless speculation we now know that there will be a General Election on 12 December. It will be fascinating to see how the main parties handle the big communications issues such as photo calls and TV debates. In terms of photo opportunities, the main priority for […]

During my time in local government PR work I got involved in a number of regeneration schemes aimed at breathing new life into High Streets and other traditional shopping locations. It would be fair to say that none of those schemes could be described as an overwhelming success. I was reminded of this at the […]