Monthly Archives: January 2018

Happy Birthday Rabbie

As I’m sure many of you will be aware, today (Thursday 25 January) is the 259th Birthday of Robert Burns. It says something about the legacy of Burns that he is one of the few poets to be held in high regard worldwide. Burns Suppers are held not just in Scotland and those countries such […]

Is it OK for me to read GQ?

I’ve written before in these posts about how few magazines there are on newsagent shelves that are aimed at men. This is particularly true for men of my age who are too old for Shortlist but not quite old enough, and not nearly posh enough, for The Oldie. Go into any newsagent or supermarket and […]

Ring in the New

Welcome to 2018. At the start of a New Year it’s always interesting to speculate on what the coming months might bring. In the world of politics, this will be the first year since 2013 where there will not be a General Election or a major referendum. There will however be Council elections across England […]