Monthly Archives: February 2014

Make my day…

This Friday (28 Feb) is Work Your Proper Hours Day a campaign which aims to raise awareness of all the hours of unpaid overtime worked by employees. Indeed, there are a number of special days on the horizon, including St David’s Day, Pancake Day and Mother’s Day It got me thinking about the number of […]

Don’t make a drama out of a crisis

Preparing for emergencies is something which all communications professionals working for public sector organisations spend some of their time on. It may seem a bit odd in that we are making plans for something that we all hope will never happen. Nonetheless, we all recognise that this is something which has to be done. In […]

Will anyone watch local TV?

When I was a child I often spent holidays in the North East of Scotland where I was able to watch Grampian TV. Grampian’s local programming, presented by the marvellously named Jimmy Spankie, seemed to consist of little more than playground gossip. There simply wasn’t enough actual news being generated in that part of the […]

Trust in me…

Most opinion polls seem to show that public trust in Government, in big business and in the media is continuing to decline. Let’s face it, that’s hardly surprising. The recent Trust Index published by Edelman bears this out, showing that over 70 per cent of people in the UK support tighter regulation of both the […]