Monthly Archives: June 2014

Nobody wins

One of the consequences of the phone hacking trial  is that none of the institutions involved – the newspaper industry, the Police, the political establishment – emerge with any credit. At a time when some humility might have seemed sensible The Sun chose a front page headline, A Great Day for Red Tops, which smacked […]

What does it mean to be British?

The Government has been talking this week about the need for us all to embrace “British values”. The Prime Minister kicked off the debate in the Mail on Sunday with a call for us all to embrace traditional British values such as the union flag and fish & chips. Perhaps we should ignore the fact […]

Spare a thought for the homeless

Many people were understandably outraged earlier this week when it was reported that the owners of a block of up market London flats had installed spikes outside the entrance to deter homeless people from sleeping there. It later emerged that a number of other London buildings had similar anti rough sleeping spikes, including the office […]

The not so beautiful game

When I heard that Barclays were seriously considering ending their sponsorship of the Premier League because they believe that football has an image problem, my immediate response involved the words pot, kettle and black. But on reflection, you can see that Barclays may have a point. Too often football stories appear on the front pages […]