Monthly Archives: February 2018

Different Class

Steph McGovern, the BBC Business News presenter, has hit the headlines herself this week over a Sunday Times interview in which she claimed that she would be paid more if she was posh. She is reported to have said that “we concentrate too much on ethnic diversity and not enough on class”. It’s not difficult […]

Radio Ga Ga

Among all the recent press coverage about how many media outlets in the UK are, or should be, owned by the Murdoch clan, the fact that the Sun has launched three new radio stations in Scotland seems to have slipped in under the radar. In January the Scottish Sun, in partnership with Murdoch stable mate […]

Local Papers Stay Local

Local papers stay local When I travel around Britain I always buy a local paper wherever I stay as I think that it tells you a great deal about the town or city in question. The nation’s high streets all look the same these days, they all have M&S, Tesco, Costa, Waterstones etc. Even the […]

Phone Rage

A couple of stories in the media over the past few days caught my attention. First there was the news that the US comedian Chris Rock has insisted that fans attending his UK gigs do so without their mobile phones. Rock is apparently annoyed, understandably in my opinion, by people texting, tweeting and filming during […]