Monthly Archives: May 2016

Manchester United’s PR Own Goal

How big a mess did Manchester United make of the PR around their change of manager? On Saturday evening, just a matter of minutes after Manchester United had won the FA Cup Final, the BBC and other media outlets were reporting that Louis Van Gaal  had been sacked and that Jose Mourinho was set to take […]

Journalists on Film

Forty years after All the President’s Men it seems that Hollywood is once again making films about journalists. I’ve seen a couple of them in recent weeks. First was Spotlight which tells the story of how the reporters from the Boston Globe broke the story of a child abuse cover up by the Catholic Church. […]

Off Yer Bike!

”Lethal and Lawless”  is how Woody Allen has recently described cyclists in his native New York City. Things are little better on this side of the pond, with Janet Street Porter castigating London cyclists for their inability to stop at red lights and keep off he pavements. Go to any town or city in the […]


Do you suffer from nomophobia? Some reports suggest that it may be the most common phobia on the planet with as many as two thirds of us affected by it. Nomophobia, in case you haven’t already guessed, is the fear of being without your mobile phone. It seems that the symptoms can include an inability […]