Monthly Archives: May 2014

Does a city need a morning newspaper?

I’ve attended a few meetings recently in preparation for the International Festival for Business which opens in Liverpool next week. Interestingly, several people have said to me that they are finding business to business communications in Liverpool more difficult since the closure last year of the Daily Post. This does raise the question of whether […]

Be Prepared

As Britain prepared to go to the polls this week, it must have been frustrating for Labour to find that the media coverage on the eve of the election was dominated by Ed Miliband’s car crash interview on local radio. In a live interview with BBC Radio Wiltshire Miliband was forced to admit that he […]

Artisan Donuts

I was astonished earlier this week when I read an article on a business news website which described Krispy Kreme as an artisan doughnut company. There seems to be a school of thought these days which says that if you describe something as artisan you somehow give it a touch of class. After all, Guardian […]

Rock the Vote

In case you hadn’t noticed, Britain goes to the polls later this month. On Thursday 22 May there will be UK wide elections to the European Parliament plus local council elections in Northern Ireland and in many parts of England. But how many of the electorate will actually bother to vote? Turnout has been low […]

How hard can it be to just say No?

If, as the opinion polls are predicting, the Scottish electorate chooses to vote No (possibly by a very narrow margin) in September’s Independence referendum, it will not be thanks to the Better Together campaign. If you are looking for a textbook example of how not to run a political operation then look no further. The […]