Monthly Archives: November 2017

Happy Birthday to Me!

I’ll be celebrating my birthday early next month. I keep being reminded of this because for the last few days my inbox has been receiving various offers from businesses keen to help me celebrate. These “gifts” vary from a free pint of IPA (they know me too well!) to buy one get one free offers […]

On Your Bike!

Last Wednesday evening I was walking along a narrow stretch of pavement in the centre of Liverpool when a Deliveroo cyclist came speeding up behind me and missed crashing into me by inches. When I shouted after him that he shouldn’t be cycling on the pavement, he replied with a torrent of four letter words. […]

Christmas Crackers

The beginning of November means one sure thing – the retail giants blitz our TV screens with their adverts that are designed to get us to spend, spend, spend! This year Tesco have found themselves at the centre of a twitter storm over their ad which features an obviously Muslim family celebrating Christmas. Many social […]