Monthly Archives: August 2018

Poverty Safari

In Victorian times it was apparently quite common for affluent middle class families to entertain themselves by going along to their local asylum to laugh at the loonies. Now it seems that the middle classes like to amuse themselves by watching TV programmes which patronise and ridicule the poorest members of our society. If you […]

Making a Drama out of a Crisis

Like many media relations professionals, I’ve always believed that if a negative story is still appearing in the press after a week then it stops being a crisis and instead becomes a full-blown drama which threatens the very existence of the organisation.   If you think that sounds a bit overdramatic, just look at the […]

Jings, crivens, help ma boab!

I’ve been reading in the media trade press this week about the contrasting fortunes of two newspapers that were, in very different ways, part of my youth. I am talking about the Sunday Post and The Scotsman. When I was growing up my parents, like many Scots of their generation, bought the Sunday Post religiously […]