Monthly Archives: October 2014

Accentuating the positive

When I was working in London a few years ago a colleague told me that she envied me because my Scottish accent was “classless”.  I was reminded of this the other day when I saw Government minister Esther McVey give a TV interview during which she seemed to be desperately trying, with only partial success, […]

Taking pride in our cities

Earlier this week the City Growth Commission published a report calling for more powers and infrastructure investment for Britain’s 15 main urban conurbations. It’s the latest attempt to tackle the issue of London’s monopoly of the UK’s economic and cultural landscape. It’s difficult to think of any other major economy where the capital city dominates […]

By the Book

The sports pages of the newspapers this week have been dominated by Kevin Pietersen and Roy Keane both making controversial allegations about their former team mates. Of course, it‘s probably no coincidence that Pietersen and Keane both have books published this week. The timing is significant as the run up to Christmas is an absolutely critical […]

Of Lice and Men

Yesterday (Thursday 2 October) was National Poetry Day. To mark the occasion we were all encouraged by the organisers to tweet a few verses of a favourite poem, or to perhaps compose some prose of our own. This was a wonderful opportunity for the nation to share its love of poetry. Unfortunately it also presented […]