Monthly Archives: March 2017

Local News Matters

In the last few days the NUJ has held a number of events across the UK to mark their Local News Matters week of action. As I have said before in these posts, our local newspapers seem to be in a vicious circle of decline. Low circulation figures cause a loss of advertising revenue, which […]

Do we need more Mayors?

In case you hadn’t noticed, and it seems that few people have, the way in which much of the population of England are governed will radically change on 4 May. With all the hullaballoo about Brexit and Indy Ref 2 it’s all too easy to forget about the upcoming elections for Metro Mayors. The elections […]

Indy Ref 2

Referenda are a bit like buses. You wait decades for one and then three or four come along one after the other. Since 2010 we’ve already had referenda on electoral reform (I suspect that most people, except Nick Clegg, have forgotten that one), Scottish Independence and European Union membership. Now it looks like we will […]

Is TV Football Worth the Money?

Earlier this week BT proudly announced that they had paid an eye watering £1.18 billion for exclusive rights to Champions League and Europa League football from 2018 to 2021, a 32 per cent increase on what they are currently paying. The new deal gives BT complete exclusivity to the two UEFA competitions, meaning that free […]

The Nightly Show lacks punch

This week ITV launched The Nightly Show, an attempt to replicate the success of late night topical chat shows in the USA. By giving the show the 10pm slot ITV have controversially moved their flagship news bulletin back half an hour, with a consequent ratings slump. The success of the US shows is based largely […]