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The Joy of Eavesdropping

In many of the zoom meetings I’ve sat through recently I’ve heard several people say that what they really miss about no longer being able to go to pubs and restaurants like we used to is that they can no longer observe strangers and listen in on their conversations. I totally agree. Anyone who just […]

The House That Rupert Built

I’ve just finished watching The Rise of the Murdoch Dynasty, BBC2’s three part series on Rupert Murdoch and his News International global media empire. The series was by no means faultless, there were some quite astonishing omissions which I’ll come to in a second, but it did give a fascinating insight into how Murdoch and […]

A Difference in Presentation

You may have noticed that Boris Johnson made a flying visit to Scotland last week as part of his new found enthusiasm for not going down in history as the Prime Minister who presided over the breakup of the United Kingdom. When he was questioned by the media about the different approaches to dealing with […]

No More Sounds of Music

I’ve blogged a lot in recent times about the relentless and seemingly inevitable death of print publications. There was further grim news this week with the announcement that Q magazine is to cease publication. Bauer Media have failed to find a buyer for the loss making title and so have decided to pull the plug […]

What We’ve Learned

Well here we are then, four months into living with Covid 19 and still no end in sight. The lifting of some lockdown restrictions has clearly led many people to believe that we are nearing the conclusion of this crisis. We’re not. Only this week the Chief of the World Health Organisation warned that there […]

The New Normal

We keep being told that life post pandemic will be very different and that we will all have to adapt to something called the new normal. Whether we like it or not, life is likely to be very different. As I’ve said in previous posts, the pandemic has increased our dependency on digital media platforms, […]

Don’t Speculate

Last Friday afternoon I was sitting in front of this very laptop when I noticed a few photos appearing on my Twitter feed which showed armed Police officers in Glasgow city centre. Since this was happening less than five miles away from me I was naturally keen to learn more. In these days of social […]

Scotland’s Media Lockdown

Three months into lockdown and counting. I find it somewhat ironic that the media has analysed in forensic detail the effects of the lockdown on all areas of our daily life except one, the media itself. This is especially strange given that there has rarely been a time when the public was more in need […]

Radio Times

In case you hadn’t heard, a new national news radio station will begin broadcasting in the UK later this month. Times Radio will go live on Monday 29 June and will be available online and via digital radio platforms. As the name would suggest, the new station is being launched by The Times newspaper as […]

A Little Local Difficulty

Coronavirus is affecting just about every aspect of our everyday lives, and in the past few days there has been worrying news about threats to the sustainability of local news coverage, due at least in some measure to the pandemic. The BBC has announced that Inside Out, the local current affairs strand for the English […]