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Mind Your Manners

In the 1950s a series of “Teach Yourself” books were published in order to guide people through the trials and pitfalls of post war Britain. Many of these books have recently been republished and they give us a fascinating insight into the habits of that generation. I’ve just finished reading Teach Yourself Good Manners by […]

Sport Needs Media Training

Like me, you might well have had some sympathy for Johanna Konta on Tuesday after her disappointing defeat in the Wimbledon quarter finals.  After all, the experiences of Tim Henman and Andy Murray have shown that it’s not easy for the home favourite at SW19. However, that sympathy soon waned after Konta’s disastrous post match […]

Anyone for Tennis?

You can’t help to have noticed that it’s Wimbledon fortnight. Everyone is talking about it, as well as the Women’s Football World Cup of course. Interestingly the Cricket World Cup is also taking place right now, but with much less public interest. It all comes down to two great British obsessions, television and social class. […]

A Numbers Game

From an early stage in my PR career I’ve been aware of how important numbers can be in getting your message across. One of my favourite textbooks when I was a student was How to Lie with Statistics by Darrell Huff which explains how you make any set of figures support your argument if you […]

Grim Up North

Earlier this month a group of daily newspapers in the North of England, many of them long standing rivals, joined forces in a rare show of unity in order to call for the Tory leadership candidates to pay more attention to the North. The #powerupthenorth campaign is being backed by over thirty publications and wants […]

Who owns the News?

Last week the Media Reform Coalition published their latest report in to who owns the UK media. It is a fascinating and somewhat disturbing read. Four out of every five national newspapers sold in the UK are owned by just three publishers, News UK,  Daily Mail General Trust and Reach. There is even more of […]

A Foreign Country

“The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.” That’s the famous opening line from L P Hartley’s classic novel The Go Between. It would seem that Scotland is also a foreign country, at least as far as the candidates for the Conservative Party leadership are concerned. The latest example of this comes […]