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Too Many PR Own Goals in Football

Earlier this week the BBC annual Cost of the Game survey was published. It looks at the cost of tickets, programmes, pies etc across all four divisions of Scottish football. The headline, hardly surprisingly, is that fans are being overcharged and treated as cash cows by clubs. I am sure that the equivalent figures in […]

Politics & Ethics

In my previous blog post I wrote about the thorny subject of ethics in Public Relations and the dangers of a few bad eggs giving the rest of us a bad name. It got me thinking about ethics in public life, particularly in politics. I can’t help thinking that standards have most definitely changed over […]

P.R. Ethics

The death earlier this week of Tim Bell once again raised the issue of ethics in Public Relations. Bell is perhaps best known for his work with the Conservative Party in the 1970s and 80s when he worked closely with Margaret Thatcher. He is widely credited with creating the now legendary Labour Isn’t Working billboard […]

The World According to Paul Dacre

Channel Four announced this week that it has commissioned a three part series in which former Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre will explain how he shaped the political and social agenda of the last quarter century. There is no doubt that Dacre is both an influential and highly controversial figure. Under his leadership the Daily […]

Town Hall Pravdas

I was interested to read last week that Hackney Council has lost a legal challenge against a Government ruling that it must stop publishing its fortnightly civic newspaper Hackney Today. This is a saga which has been running since the Conservatives took office in 2010 when the then Local Government Secretary Eric Pickles described Council […]

The Threat of Local Press Monopolies

I’m more than a little disturbed to read that Reach could be about to buy most of the titles currently owned by JPI Media. Reach, formerly known as Trinity Mirror, already owns high profile national and regional newspapers across the UK. If they were to buy publications such as The Scotsman and the Yorkshire Post […]

Mind Your Manners

In the 1950s a series of “Teach Yourself” books were published in order to guide people through the trials and pitfalls of post war Britain. Many of these books have recently been republished and they give us a fascinating insight into the habits of that generation. I’ve just finished reading Teach Yourself Good Manners by […]