Monthly Archives: January 2014

On the ball

The current issue of PR Week has a fascinating case study featuring My Blood is Black,   a campaign in Brazil which used football to raise awareness of the need for more blood donors. The Hemoba Blood Collection Centre worked in partnership with Esporte Club Vitoria, one of Brazil’s leading club sides. The club has traditionally […]

Are you being served?

  I was interested to read recently that complaints about BT Sport to industry regulator Ofcom  are running at ten times the industry norm. Interestingly, the main concerns seem to around BT’s notoriously poor customer service and complaint handling procedures. Many of the UK’s train operators, power companies and banks also have a poor reputation […]

Statistically Speaking

Back in my student days – yes, I know it was a long time ago – one of my favourite textbooks was How to Lie with Statistics by the US journalist Darrell Huff. In a humorous manner Huff explained that it isn’t the actual figures that matter, it’s how you present them. This has resulted […]

Ghost Writing

Sajid Javid A few years back I was attending a local government seminar at which one particular Council Leader was receiving congratulations from her peers for a “thoughtful and insightful” article which had been published under her bi-line in one of the trade mags. The only problem was that she hadn’t written a single word […]