Monthly Archives: September 2015

Keeping an Eye on things

I was very interested earlier this week to read an interview with Private Eye editor Ian Hislop in the Press Gazette. Not many people realise that the Eye is the UK’s best selling current affairs magazine, with an average circulation of over 228,000. Unlike many other publications, Private Eye extensively covers the public sector, albeit […]

Rugby needs to seek new audiences

The Rugby Union World Cup begins this weekend. I would like to think that rugby clubs across the country will use the tournament as an opportunity to get more people interested in the game, but I’m not holding my breath. In the mid 1990s I had a colleague who was a massive rugby fan and […]

Charities need PR help

The last few weeks have not been good for the charity sector. The ongoing problems at Kids Company generated a lot of media coverage, none of it positive. Then there were the stories about aggressive fundraising tactics used by some of the country’s best known charities. The recently announced Charity Commission inquiry into allegations of […]

A Laboured process

To paraphrase what Frankie Boyle said in The Guardian last week, group photographs of the four Labour leadership candidates  look like the staffroom of an inner city bog standard comprehensive which has just been handed a particularly damming Ofsted report. Having been humiliated in May’s General Election by both the Conservatives and the SNP, Labour […]