Monthly Archives: April 2018

Data Protection

In less than one month’s time, on the 25 of May to be precise, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect and replaces the 1998 UK Data Protection Act. Like most people, I’ve been aware of GDPR for some time but haven’t really paid much attention to it…until now. I’ve been attending workshops, […]

Beer or Twitter?

One of the most interesting news stories to break this morning was the announcement by the pub chain J D Wetherspoon that it is to close all social media accounts with immediate effect. According to Wetherspoon boss Tim Martin, the decision has been taken because people spend too much time on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. […]

And now the news where you are…

Last week the BBC marked the 50th birthday of Reporting Scotland, the nightly news magazine programme. The nightly opt out news shows in other parts of the UK will doubtless be having similar celebrations. Although I‘ve lived most of my adult life in various parts of England, I have fond memories of Reporting Scotland. During […]