Monthly Archives: August 2014

Football needs to stop scoring own goals

It can’t have escaped your notice that the latest Premier League football season began this week, accompanied as it was by saturation media coverage. Sadly, much of the media attention has been focused off the pitch rather than on it. The allegations against former Cardiff City manager Malky Mackay are just the latest in a […]

Can Councils be more social?

There was an interesting article in the Daily Mirror  last week which analysed how local authorities across the UK make use of social media. The conclusion, hardly surprisingly, seemed to be that those councils which adopt an informal and chatty approach on Twitter and post interesting photos tend to communicate best. It was a little […]

The media is too London centric

 A few years ago I was flying from Cork to London just a few days after elections to the Scottish Parliament. Browsing the newsstands at Cork Airport I was interested to note that the change of government in Edinburgh was the lead story on the front page of most Irish newspapers. A couple of hours […]