Monthly Archives: March 2016

Do journalists make good PRs?

A couple of things this week prompted me to think about the number of journalists moving over to the “dark side” of Public Relations. Firstly, I was reading current issue of PR Week which has an editorial column pointing out that journalists are crossing over into PR in increasing numbers. Secondly, on Wednesday I went […]

Are you bored by the Euro debate?

Are you bored already with the European Referendum campaign? If you are I strongly suspect that you are not alone. I’m not sure I can stand another three months of this. Yes, I do accept that it is a very important issue, but all we’ve seen so far is endless petty name calling and pathetic […]

Healthy New Towns will need a sense of community

Earlier this week NHS England announced plans for ten healthy new towns to be built across England. In addition to providing much needed new houses, these new towns will also be designed to include plenty of green spaces and dedicated cycle routes as well as junk food free zones around schools. The plan seems to […]