Monthly Archives: December 2014

Season’s Greetings

2014 has certainly been an interesting year for those of us who toil away in public sector communications. On the political front, the Scottish Independence Referendum, the growth of UKIP and the general lack of faith in the political class all caused headlines and look likely to continue to do so well into 2015. The […]

Freedom of Information

A belated Happy Birthday to the Freedom of Information Act which was 10 years old last month. There is little doubt that the Act has made a big difference to how public sector bodies deal with the press and public. Organisations are now aware that every move they make, every email they send and every […]

Will “The National” set a trend?

With the print editions of daily and weekly newspapers closing down all across the country, it was very surprising to see a new daily paper being launched last week. The National  is printed in Glasgow and is aimed at the 45 per cent of Scots who voted “yes” in September’s Independence Referendum. Unsurprisingly, the publication […]