Monthly Archives: April 2014

Do the public think that PR is an omnishambles?

There is an interesting article in the current issue of PR Week which look at how PR practitioners have been portrayed on TV and the effect which this has on the public’s perception of us. Mention Government communications and many people will automatically think of Malcolm Tucker from The Thick of It. Anyone who worked […]

Fancy a weekend break in Albania?

The PR trade press is reporting that the Albanians are looking for an image makeover and have hired no less a figure than Alastair Campbell to help them. It seems that the Albanian Prime Minister wants to rid the country of its image as a corrupt and crime ridden ex communist state and instead promote […]

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

The Government’s PR machine has been roundly criticised, and rightly so, for the way it responded to the story of Culture Secretary Maria Miller and her expenses. The Daily Telegraph, which first broke the story, has claimed that Government press officers made telephone threats to them. Telling journalists to drop the story – or else! […]

Under Pressure

Communications work in the public sector seems to be under attack again this week. Firstly our old friends the Tax Payers’ Alliance criticised the NHS for employing “spin doctors”, followed by DCLG Minister Brandon Lewis complaining that a number of councils were breaking the Recommended Code of Practice for Local Authority Publicity. The Tax Payers’ […]