Monthly Archives: November 2016

Off the Menu

A few years ago I heard Alexei Sayle point out that the only people who should be allowed to use the term “workshop” are those who work in light engineering. I was reminded of this recently when I saw an advert in which a restaurant boasted that their chef has “specially curated” a new menu. […]

Should “auld enemy” be forgot?

You may not have noticed, but tonight (Friday 11 Nov) England play Scotland in a world cup qualifying game at Wembley. Interestingly, the media build up to the game has been somewhat subdued. It wasn’t like that in the old days. The clash of the “auld enemy” is the oldest international football fixture in the […]

Thank Goodness for Ken Loach

I recently read The Day the Music died, the autobiography of the film and TV producer Tony Garnett. Over the years he has worked extensively with the director Ken Loach and they were responsible for bringing Cathy Come Home to our screens in 1966. It’s perhaps difficult for us today to fully understand what a […]