Monthly Archives: July 2018

The Press Release is Not Dead

For several years now I’ve been reading articles in the PR trade press telling me that the press release is in a similar state to Monty Python’s legendary parrot – it is dead, it is no more, it has ceased to be, etc The argument, put forward by the likes of Government Comms Chief Alex […]

All Change for TV Politics

It seems that the way the main TV channels present political news to us is about to change. For starters, ITV have said that they plan to move Robert Peston’s political show from Sunday morning to a new late night midweek slot. Then the BBC announced that it was making radical changes to both The […]

What Happened to the Silly Season?

In the not too distant past the summer months were known in media circles as the “silly season”. There wasn’t much serious news happening, so newspapers were full of stories about talented pets and oddly shaped vegetables. For those of us working in PR it was a godsend as it was much easier than normal […]

The Last Refuge

If England had lost to Colombia last night, how many national newspapers in Germany do you think would have carried England’s World Cup exit as their lead story this morning? The answer I strongly suspect is none.  Yet last week the English media was going way overboard in the way in which it gleefully rejoiced […]