Monthly Archives: September 2016

Greed is not Good

I suppose that the only surprising thing about the Daily Telegraph’s series of front page articles this week on corruption in football is that anyone should find it in the least bit surprising. As I have said before in these posts, football long ago ceased to be “the beautiful game” and these days often looks […]

The sun doesn’t shine on Merseyside

Imagine the outcry there would be in London if TfL were to ban newsagents at tube and train stations from selling a particular national daily newspaper, or if the Mayor of London was to ask all retailers in the capital not to stock the publication in question. You may think that the scenario which I […]

Channel Four would benefit from Northern move

It was reported this week that Karen Bradley, the new Culture Secretary, is keen to encourage Channel Four to relocate to a city in the North of England. Her thinking is that moving the station out of the capital would go some way to correcting the heavy London bias in the UK’s national media. She […]

Am I “old” or just “mature”?

Jeremy Paxman was causing controversy again last week. It seems that he found a copy of a free newspaper for people aged over 50 called the Mature Times in a hotel reception. Paxman, who at 66 might be regarded as the paper’s target audience, was so appalled by what he read that he set off […]

Who wants local news?

Last week Bay TV, the local TV station for the Liverpool area, announced that it had been placed in administration.  The news hardly comes as a big surprise as the channel had been struggling to attract audiences and advertisers since launching in 2013. As I write this, a new owner has taken over the franchise […]