Monthly Archives: February 2017

Fake News

Everybody seems to be talking about Fake News nowadays. The latest example came just last weekend when President Trump talked about a terrorist attack in Sweden. This came as a bit of a shock to the people of Sweden given that no such attack had actually taken place. (Maybe Trump can’t tell the difference between […]

Prolific North

It’s all too easy to think that the media, PR and marketing industries in the UK are centred on London and that nothing of much interest or significance ever happens outside of the M25. However, anyone who has that mindset is mistaken. Earlier this week I was one of around 3,800 delegates who attended the […]

Being Social

I read an interesting report earlier this week from the University of Liverpool’s Heseltine Institute which looked at the impact of the social economy. Broadly speaking the social economy is made up of not for profit organisations such as voluntary organisations, housing associations and co-operatives. The Heseltine report says that the social economy on Merseyside […]

Brexit means what exactly!

As the Prime Minister keeps telling us, Brexit means Brexit. Really? As the veteran political journalist Michael Cockerell has pointed out this week, Brexit means Brexit means nothing. You can hardly blame the public for being confused. Everyday politicians are coming out with meaningless talk about Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit and Remoaners without making the […]