Monthly Archives: March 2014

Going down to Liverpool

Yesterday (25/03/14) I took part in the BBC World Service and BBC Radio Merseyside programme World Have Your Say  which was broadcast live from the Museum of Liverpool. The main topic of discussion was “Is Liverpool a global city?” It’s on the BBC i-player until 31 March. I expressed the opinion that many people in […]

Get it write

I often get annoyed when I read articles in trade mags such as PR Week telling me how much those of us who work in the public sector can learn from our private sector colleagues. Oh really? I recently picked up a regional business magazine and read with horror an article by the MD of […]

Freedom of Information

Earlier this week the Appeal Court ruled that letters written by Prince Charles to various Government ministers should not be kept secret. The Guardian has long argued that these letters are a matter of legitimate public interest and should therefore be released under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act. This story demonstrates that making an […]

Blogs Matter

This week a senior journalist at the Sunday Express told how Tower Hamlets Council had attempted to get him sacked because they were upset about what he had written on his personal blog. It seems that the Council’s Communications chief was upset that Ted Jeory has posted on his Trial by Jeory blog about a headhunter’s […]