Monthly Archives: November 2015

Christmas without Christ

One of the most interesting and controversial media stories to emerge this week is the decision by the UK’s main cinemas to ban an advert from the Church of England. The DCM agency, which handles ads for the Cineworld, Odeon and Vue cinema chains, is refusing to show a CoE advert which features people from […]

There’s been a murder!

I’m currently mid way through a very stimulating course at the University of Liverpool; Crime Fiction Under Investigation. As an avid reader of crime fiction I’m finding that the course is giving me much food for thought. Up until the mid 20th century most crime novels were set in country houses and featured characters who […]

a break from ad breaks

The advertising industry is worried at the moment because it has seemingly just woken up to the fact that, quelle surprise, most people don’t like watching adverts! The Internet Advertising Bureau  announced this week that one in five of us is using ad blocking software when we go online. Things aren’t much better for advertising […]

Facing the Future

Earlier this week I went along to Edge Hill University for Facing the Future – Where are PR and journalism going?  The evening was part of the celebrations for the 10th anniversary of the University’s PR degree course.  Around 100 people, a mixture of students and CIPR members, came to hear the two speakers; CIPR […]