Monthly Archives: March 2015

The Absence of War

Last weekend I went along to Liverpool’s Playhouse Theatre  to see the excellent touring production of David Hare’s play The Absence of War, a fictionalised account of Labour’s doomed 1992 General Election campaign. The timing couldn’t be better as we now enter the final phase of the 2015 Election. In Hare’s play the politicians rely […]

Do we get the media we deserve?

Do we get the media we deserve? That was the theme of a very interesting debate which I went along to last week. It was organised by Liverpool Parish Church as part of a series of Lent Talks One of the speakers was Alastair Machray, editor of the Liverpool Echo. He came under fire from […]

Generation Multi

There are a few occasions, only a few, when I feel that I might just be getting a bit too old for this PR game. I had one of those “senior moments” earlier this week when I came across a report by the digital PR agency 72point on how digital media is taking over the […]

City Regions Matter

Last night I attended a fascinating lecture at the University of Liverpool by Professor Michael Parkinson. His talk was titled City Regions in the UK; Policies, Performance and Prospects, a subject which seems highly topical at the moment. Professor Parkinson looked at the contrasting fortunes of the UK’s city regions over the last two decades, […]