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Radio Ga Ga

Among all the recent press coverage about how many media outlets in the UK are, or should be, owned by the Murdoch clan, the fact that the Sun has launched three new radio stations in Scotland seems to have slipped in under the radar. In January the Scottish Sun, in partnership with Murdoch stable mate […]

Ring in the New

Welcome to 2018. At the start of a New Year it’s always interesting to speculate on what the coming months might bring. In the world of politics, this will be the first year since 2013 where there will not be a General Election or a major referendum. There will however be Council elections across England […]

The sun doesn’t shine on Merseyside

Imagine the outcry there would be in London if TfL were to ban newsagents at tube and train stations from selling a particular national daily newspaper, or if the Mayor of London was to ask all retailers in the capital not to stock the publication in question. You may think that the scenario which I […]

Hatches, Matches & Despatches

The hatches, matches and despatches pages (or births, marriages and deaths if you want to be proper) have been a standard feature of most newspapers for as long as anyone can remember. It’s therefore a bit ironic that newspapers themselves are now making the headlines for their own hatches, matches and despatches. First came the […]

The Echo rings the changes

There is a joke on Merseyside which says that if you dial 999 the operator will say “Emergency, Which service do you require, Police, Ambulance, Echo news desk?” Like most good jokes, it has a basis is reality. If you flick through the Liverpool Echo, you can’t help but be struck by the fact that […]

We need to save our local newspapers

A few days ago Trinity Mirror announced the latest round of local newspaper closures. Sadly one of them is my own local paper, the weekly Crosby Herald. It has a paid for circulation of around 3,500 and will be greatly missed in the local community. It is interesting to note that, while many people in […]

Do local newspapers have a future?

I was interested to read in The Guardian recently that David Montgomery, head of the Local World media group, has advocated a new model for local newspapers. He seems to be suggesting that local media should no longer go out looking for stories and should instead rely on press officers from Councils and other high […]