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More Bad News for Newspapers

For those of us who care about the future of newspapers in print there was distressing news this week when JPI Media announced the loss of 70 editorial jobs across their network of regional papers. As you may recall, JPI Media took ownership of the newspaper group last year after Johnston Press went into administration. […]

The Last of the Great Sportswriters

I was sad to hear last week of the death of the renowned sports journalist Hugh McIlvanney, not just because I have greatly enjoyed reading his work over the decades but also because he was probably the last of the truly great sportswriters. After making a name for himself at The Scotsman, McIlvanney moved to […]

Worrying Times for Newspapers

You may well have noticed the news last week that one of the UK’s main newspaper groups, Johnston Press is looking for a buyer. The company currently publishes over 200 local, regional and national newspapers, including the ”i”, The Scotsman, The Belfast News Letter and The Yorkshire Post. Trade press stories say that Johnston Press […]

Jings, crivens, help ma boab!

I’ve been reading in the media trade press this week about the contrasting fortunes of two newspapers that were, in very different ways, part of my youth. I am talking about the Sunday Post and The Scotsman. When I was growing up my parents, like many Scots of their generation, bought the Sunday Post religiously […]

Hatches, Matches & Despatches

The hatches, matches and despatches pages (or births, marriages and deaths if you want to be proper) have been a standard feature of most newspapers for as long as anyone can remember. It’s therefore a bit ironic that newspapers themselves are now making the headlines for their own hatches, matches and despatches. First came the […]

The Good Old Days?

I celebrate my birthday in a few days time. Like many people, I often use birthdays as an opportunity to be nostalgic and look back at how things used to be. It’s interesting to look at how the media landscape has changed during my lifetime. When I was a teenager we had just three TV […]

Do local newspapers have a future?

I was interested to read in The Guardian recently that David Montgomery, head of the Local World media group, has advocated a new model for local newspapers. He seems to be suggesting that local media should no longer go out looking for stories and should instead rely on press officers from Councils and other high […]