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Style replaces substance

Hardly a week goes by without more gloomy news about local newspaper closures. The latest example came just last week with the news of the closure of three local weeklies in London.  Interestingly, the trade magazine Press Gazette says that London now has fewer newspapers per resident than any other part of the UK. However, […]

Local News Matters

In the last few days the NUJ has held a number of events across the UK to mark their Local News Matters week of action. As I have said before in these posts, our local newspapers seem to be in a vicious circle of decline. Low circulation figures cause a loss of advertising revenue, which […]

Summertime Blues

Parliament is now in recess, the schools are on holiday and the sun is clearly visible in the sky, it can only mean one thing for the UK’s media; we are now officially in the silly season.  For the next couple of months there is likely to be little in the way of serious news […]

North South gap in newspapers

I was very interested to read the feature in Press Gazette last week which looks at the density of local newspaper coverage across the UK. It shows that Northern Ireland is best served by the press, with 33 newspapers per million of population. Scotland comes second with 27 newspapers per million, while the comparable figure […]

What a Whopper!

In these days of serious and often gloomy news stories, the public, and indeed the media, are often looking for some light relief. Any press officer who can come up with a quirky human interest story is pretty much guaranteed coverage. So the PR team at a certain US fast food chain must have thought […]

Do we get the media we deserve?

Do we get the media we deserve? That was the theme of a very interesting debate which I went along to last week. It was organised by Liverpool Parish Church as part of a series of Lent Talks One of the speakers was Alastair Machray, editor of the Liverpool Echo. He came under fire from […]

We need to save our local newspapers

A few days ago Trinity Mirror announced the latest round of local newspaper closures. Sadly one of them is my own local paper, the weekly Crosby Herald. It has a paid for circulation of around 3,500 and will be greatly missed in the local community. It is interesting to note that, while many people in […]