We keep being told that the printed word is dying with fewer people buying newspapers, magazine and books. The future for communication is electronic rather than printed, so we are told. But is that necessarily the case? I was interested to read this week about the Future Library project in Norway. Organised by Oslo city […]

Hardly a week goes by without more gloomy news about local newspaper closures. The latest example came just last week with the news of the closure of three local weeklies in London.  Interestingly, the trade magazine Press Gazette says that London now has fewer newspapers per resident than any other part of the UK. However, […]

The UK media found itself in the slightly awkward position last week of reporting on itself. First up was the announcement by the BBC of the first female Doctor Who. There are many people, myself included I must confess, who might question why the casting of a low budget sci-fi TV series is front page […]

Earlier this week the UK national media was getting itself all worked up about the fact that, for the first time in decades, there were British tennis players in the both the men’s and women’s quarter finals at Wimbledon. Of course, it does rather depend on how you define British. After all, Johanna Konta was […]

Have you been watching the Lions tour of New Zealand on TV?  No, me neither. Nor have I been watching test cricket or football’s European under 21 finals. I will not be watching the Open Golf next month, although I will be glued to the screen for Wimbledon which begins next week. Of course, Wimbledon […]

The tragic fire at Grenfell Tower last week tells us a great deal about Britain today. Also, the way in which Kensington & Chelsea Council handled their PR in the hours and days after the tragedy is a classic example of how not to do things. The residents of Grenfell Tower reflected the cosmopolitan nature […]

Well, that was fun…wasn’t it? It seems to me that the UK has just had a General Election in which everybody lost. In the days leading up to the poll last week I was reading Unleashing Demons by Craig Oliver, who was David Cameron’s head of communications in the lead up to last year’s Brexit […]