General Election Post Mortem

Well, that was fun…wasn’t it? It seems to me that the UK has just had a General Election in which everybody lost.

In the days leading up to the poll last week I was reading Unleashing Demons by Craig Oliver, who was David Cameron’s head of communications in the lead up to last year’s Brexit vote. There are a couple of revelations in Oliver’s diary which seem relevant in the light of recent events. Firstly, he makes it clear that both he and Cameron did not take Jeremy Corbyn seriously, regarding him as a joke figure who would lead Labour to electoral oblivion. Secondly, they were disturbed by the lack of loyalty from Theresa May who they felt was following her own personal agenda. A year on from the Brexit vote, it’s fascinating to read Oliver’s book with the benefit of hindsight.

With regard to the General Election campaign itself, the Conservatives and their supporters in the right wing press made two attacks on Corbyn. The first was that he would only be able to get into 10 Downing Street courtesy of a ”Coalition of Chaos”  with the SNP which would see millions of pounds of public money diverted from England to Scotland.  The second was that Corbyn was unfit to be Prime Minister because of his support for Sinn Fein, widely seen as the political wing of the IRA.

The great irony is that we can now make exactly those same criticisms of May. She has entered into a coalition of sorts with the DUP which will see millions of pounds of public money diverted from England to Northern Ireland. She has also allied herself with a party which is widely seen as the political wing of the terrorist Ulster Volunteer Force.

Theresa May would now appear to be living on borrowed time and already the media is full of speculation about who will take over as Conservative Leader. It’s really intriguing to see that one of the names being touted is that of Ruth Davidson, the publicity seeking and highly ambitious leader of the Scottish Conservatives. I can’t help but speculate how the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph would react to having their beloved Conservative Party led by a working class Scottish lesbian!





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