Brexit means what exactly!

As the Prime Minister keeps telling us, Brexit means Brexit. Really? As the veteran political journalist Michael Cockerell has pointed out this week, Brexit means Brexit means nothing.

You can hardly blame the public for being confused. Everyday politicians are coming out with meaningless talk about Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit and Remoaners without making the slightest effort to explain what any of these terms actually mean. This is almost certainly because the politicians themselves have no idea what these terms mean. The media aren’t much better. When did you last read an article about Brexit which didn’t leave you feeling even more bewildered?

It seems that some of the “Remoaners” feel that it was the media which caused the Brexit vote. Earlier this week we learned that David Cameron was so worried by the anti EU stance of the Daily Mail during the referendum campaign that he tried to have Paul Dacre sacked from his job as Mail editor. That fact that Dacre is still in his job and Cameron isn’t says a lot about where power lies in modern Britain.

There is also the complicating factor of Scotland, which voted heavily to remain in Europe. SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon is pushing hard for a special deal for Scotland and may well demand another Independence referendum is she doesn’t get what she wants. The term Indy Ref 2  may soon be as common as “Hard Brexit”.

In Northern Ireland there is even more uncertainty given that it is the only part of the UK which shares a land border with the EU. It’s possible that the vote in June 2016 for the UK to leave the UK may also result in England leaving not just Europe, but also leaving the United Kingdom.

Perhaps the last word should go to Conservative politician Andrew Davies who proudly told last year’s Tory Party Conference that Brexit means Breakfast. Presumably he meant the Full English.



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