Make a Date

What did you do to mark International Talk Like a Pirate Day last month?  If your answer is “nothing” then it may be that you missed an opportunity to promote your organisation or to engage in some fun team building activities. Some organisations had their staff dressed as pirates for the day while others boosted team morale by having managers walk the plank.

“Talk Like a Pirate Day” is a good example of the large number of awareness days and weeks which now fill up the calendar. While this is an example of a light hearted campaign aimed at raising a smile, others have a more serious purpose.

There are a considerable number of campaigns aimed at raising or maintaining awareness in a wide range of medical conditions. For example, September also saw Know Your Numbers week aimed at encouraging people to check their blood pressure, while last week brought us Back Care Awareness Week.

This week is National Curry Week, one of a number of such campaigns aimed at promoting a particular type of cuisine. There are similar events for pies, sausages, fish n’ chips, etc. Let’s not forget drink, I hope that I wasn’t alone in participating in September’s National Cask Ale Week.

There are a wide range of awareness weeks which feature a particular industry or business sector. Take UK Construction Week which begins next Tuesday and will aim to build (pardon the pun) a positive image of that industry.  Then there is Small Business Saturday (3 Dec) which helps to raise the profile of small firms.

From a PR point of view, these awareness events offer great opportunities. Encouraging staff to participate can be a useful internal communications exercise, while showing support for a charitable or medical campaign can demonstrate your commitment to the wider community. And of course trade days and weeks give you a chance to promote your product or service.

If there isn’t already something in the calendar which suits your particular interests, then why not create your own awareness day?




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