A Blog about Blogs

Apparently I am a bit unusual. Those who know me well might suggest that there is nothing new in that, but in this particular case I am talking about blogging. It seems that most bloggers are female and mainly write about fashion, beauty and lifestyle issues.

According to the UK Blogger Survey 2016 published last week by Vuelio, 77 per cent of bloggers are female and 62 per cent of blogs are about personal issues such as fashion, parenting, food and health.

I found that the male / female differences brought out in the survey were really quite startling. Over two thirds of female bloggers write about fashion, parenting or lifestyle while none at all write about topics such as politics, religion and the media. Men are most likely to blog about travel, technology and gaming. Bloggers, it would seem, mainly conform to traditional gender stereotypes.

Some findings of the survey are hardly surprising. Few bloggers (less than one in ten) make a living from their blog, most operate just one blog and most promote their blog via Twitter and Facebook.

There are of course many politicians, business leaders and other opinion formers who produce regular blogs. I’ve always believed that a blog is a very personal thing and, unlike some other forms of corporate communications, ought not to be ghost written.  This can however have a downside. Not too long ago I worked with a large public sector organisation where the Chief Exec insisted on his self written blog appearing unedited on the corporate website. Unfortunately he was unfamiliar with the spell check function and the blog soon became a “must read” due to the amusing typos.

The upshot is that most bloggers blog because they like to write about subjects and topics which are of interest to them. People read blogs because they want to read news and views which they won’t find elsewhere. With traditional print media in long term decline, blogging may well be the future of communications.







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