My awards for 2015 (part one)

As we near the end of 2015 I thought that it might be appropriate for me to name – and in some cases shame – those who have made an impact on politics, the media, culture, sport and the wider world during the year.

Best Campaign of the Year – The #JeSuisCharlie campaign showed the power of social media in the aftermath of the January attack on the Charlie Hebdo magazine offices in Paris. It reminded us of the importance of a free press and of the need to unite against intolerance.  It will be interesting to see if #YouAintNoMuslinBruv has a similar impact.

Worst Campaign of the Year – It has to be the Labour Party in Scotland’s General Election campaign. Under the leadership of the hapless Jim Murphy Scottish Labour lost all but one of their 41 seats. While their SNP opponents were gathering support (and votes) via social media platforms, Murphy and his colleagues were still giving speeches while standing on upturned soapboxes in shopping centres.

Surprise of the Year – Be honest, 12 months ago would anyone have thought that Jeremy Corbyn would become Labour Leader?

Film of the Year – For my money, the best film of the year was Still Alice. Julianne Moore’s portrayal of an academic struggling with early onset Alzheimer’s was moving and thoughtful.

TV Highlight of the Year – Again a very personal choice, but I love the dark humour of the second series of Fargo.  Channel Four deserves a pat on the back for giving us access to good US drama such as Fargo and Homeland.

TV Disappointment of the Year – Like many people I was looking forward to the second series of Broadchurch on ITV. It began reasonably well, but highly improbable plot lines meant that it soon became a waste of a good cast.

Media of the Year – Despite all the problems, many of them self inflicted, the BBC remains a trusted news source. In particular, the Today programme sets the agenda for the rest of the media to follow. We can only hope that the Government come to their senses and soften the increasingly hostile attitude which they seem to be taking to the BBC.

The second part of My Awards for 2015 will be posted next week.




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