What a Whopper!

In these days of serious and often gloomy news stories, the public, and indeed the media, are often looking for some light relief. Any press officer who can come up with a quirky human interest story is pretty much guaranteed coverage.

So the PR team at a certain US fast food chain must have thought they had died and gone to heaven when an Illinois couple called Joel Burger and Ashley King announced that they were to marry. Unsurprisingly Burger King tracked the happy couple down, using social media, and offered to pay for the wedding ceremony. The headlines really do write themselves; “A whopper of a wedding”, “With this onion ring I thee wed”, etc.

Closer to home, a supermarket chain recently got themselves a lot of positive coverage when a Cambridgeshire couple, for reasons best known to themselves, decided to get married in the Easter Egg aisle of their local Morrisons store.

It’s not just weddings that can raise a smile. Tales, or should that be tails, involving cute animals are always good for the “Ah!” factor. For example, a business in Southport achieved considerable press interest last month when they announced plans to open a five star hotel for cats.  Again, the headlines flow easily, “a purrfect day”, “feline good” and so on.

Between now and the General Election on 7 May the UK media will, quite understandably, be full of very serious political news. Any “feel good” stories that can generate a smile will be welcomed by all of us.


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